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A rural town in Newfoundland is losing its only library. What will Fogo Island do when it’s gone? — National Post (2016)

Although there are 2,620 public libraries in Canada, it is possible that the condemned branches of Newfoundland are the most important of all.

The great capybara caper: How two fugitive rodents eluded capture in a Toronto park for five weeks — National Post (2016)

Two young animals arrive at their new home in the High Park Zoo — and promptly disappear down an asphalt path.

Toronto police raids targeted street gang allegedly tied to human trafficking and multiple murders in the city — National Post (2016)

The man they call “Bambino” is seated, stone-faced, on the hood of a white Bentley, in a pose similar to the caricature behind him: a muscular man with a skeleton’s skull and a gold crown, surrounded by $100 bills, nude women and the CN Tower.

How drive-in theatres have remained resilient, even as technology forces change: ‘We’ve created an oasis’ — National Post (2015)

Across North America, going to the drive-in appears to be a pastime on the ropes. But some owners say their trade isn’t dead. It isn’t even dying.

Captain John’s ship tugged from dock after 40 years at the foot of Yonge St., on its way to a Port Colborne scrap yardNational Post (2015)

Ivan Letnik’s floating seafood restaurant takes its final voyage.

Kingston man still stuck in Indonesia Kingston Whig-Standard (2014)

Canadian teacher Neil Bantleman was jailed in Indonesia in July 2014. But family and colleagues say neither he nor a fellow suspect committed any crime.

Drive-in distressKingston Whig-Standard (2014)

Dan Wannemacher’s outdoor movie theatre was in the midst of a dismal opening month. The issue? Shadows, smell and pulsating sound from a nearby lot: “I think it’ll ruin us.”

On the outside looking inThe Queen’s Journal (2013)

One story of homelessness, companionship and survival in Kingston, Ont.

Top photo: Nick Faris / National Post
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