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‘What could go wrong did go wrong’: How does a Canadian junior hockey team recover from a winless season? — National Post (2017)

The Surrey Knights are Canada’s most wretched junior hockey team. They have endured, consecutively, two of the most trying seasons a franchise could possibly play through. And after losing 66 games in a row, they are optimistic.

D.J. Kennington’s big break: Can a journeyman driver from small-town Ontario make history at the Daytona 500? — National Post (2017)

When Kennington debuted in NASCAR’s Cup series at age 39, it it was seen as a late-career coronation, a hurrah for a Canadian minor-league lifer who topped out just shy of his sport’s highest level. Until a few months later, that is.

From Indians to Redskins, fight to wipe Native caricatures from pro sports hinges on money, law and courage — National Post (2016)

Native Americans in Cleveland say their city’s MLB team degrades and demeans them, appropriating and twisting their identity with its aquiline-nosed, broad-toothed, red-faced logo, Chief Wahoo. But what would it actually take for the team to change?

The city’s game: Scenes from Toronto’s love affair with basketballNational Post (2016)

Toronto’s relationship with basketball existed long before the Raptors arrived. And it lives on today — not only in public displays of affection, but in smaller, more personal moments, like impromptu games that arise on hundreds of courts across town.

The ghost of 2012: Canadian men’s sprint relay team will run in the shadow of a heartbreaking misstep — National Post (2016)

Heartbreak is part and parcel of the Olympic Games. There is the pang of finishing a step off the podium, or undershooting expectations at the worst possible time. But the ordeal Jared Connaughton went through at London 2012 is its own category of devastation.

The Games that never were: How Germany almost hosted the 1916 Olympics — in the middle of a war — National Post (2016)

They were supposed to be the greatest Olympics ever staged. Germany had built a new, state-of-the-art stadium. They planned to dazzle the world, on the field of play and off it. Instead, Berlin’s Games made history for another reason.

Military veterans get another chance to represent their country at Parapan Am Games, ‘just in a different uniform’ — National Post (2015)

After Kinga Kiss-Johnson was injured in Afghanistan, she joined an archery club in South Carolina. She shot, and shot, and shot again. In 2013, she started competing internationally. And two years later, she won a Parapan Am bronze medal.

Quirky rule, ‘crazy finish’ and a gold medal to remember for Canadian men’s baseball team at Pan Am Games National Post (2015)

When Pan Am baseball games enter extra innings, offensive teams automatically send runners to first and second base, and can start batting anywhere in the order. It is enough to make a purist retch. It is also how Canada won gold at home.

Why the Pan Am Games have been a breakthrough event for Canada’s track and field team —  National Post (2015)

Runners, vaulters and coaches say Athletics Canada’s attitude has changed in recent years. The organization is committed to winning at major events; they are no longer merely content to be there.

‘We don’t like each other’: Canada, Argentina on track to write another chapter in Pan Am Games’ greatest rivalry National Post (2015)

What happens when two field hockey teams meet in 10 straight international finals? Says Canadian midfielder Dave Jameson: “Every time we beat them is a million times better than beating anybody else.”

War, controversy, revenge and carrier pigeons: The 1915 Grey Cup was a marquee day in Canadian football historyNational Post (2015)

Birds flew the score back to Hamilton. At the final whistle, home fans chased the referee into the locker room. And with the world at war, the Cup would not be hoisted again for five more years.

Canadian soccer in decline at elite levelKingston Whig-Standard (2014)

If Canada’s men’s national team tied Honduras on Oct. 16, 2012, they would have moved within one tantalizing step of qualifying for the World Cup. They lost 8-1. Of course, the problem runs deeper than any one match.

Queen’s University: The state of hockey — The Queen’s Journal (2014)

The Kingston, Ont., parking lot where Jock Harty Arena once stood now embodies an alarming dichotomy. On the ice, the state of Queen’s Gaels hockey has never been better. Their arena situation has rarely looked worse.

Queen’s college colours we are wearing once againThe Queen’s Journal (2013)

Every fall at Queen’s University, school pride is manifest in one weekend, and one game. What has Homecoming football meant to a century’s worth of players and fans — and what does it mean now?

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