Andrew McGrath, Canada’s Australian football phenom, galvanizes legendary club dogged by doping scandal — National Post (2017)

How did the Essendon Bombers emerge from the throes of a last-place season? They started by drafting a kid from Mississauga, Ont., first overall.

How Canada is taking luck and fate out of finding the next Andre De Grasse — National Post (2017)

Most athletes who go onto mega-stardom are groomed for that possibility from an early age. De Grasse’s rise was a bit different.

Building an expansion team is ‘an excruciating challenge’: What the Vegas Golden Knights can learn from the past — National Post (2017)

Former players and general managers share their hard-won wisdom with the NHL’s newest team.

Can an Alberta oil town save its junior hockey team from dying off? — National Post (2017)

“Sometimes, a team has to not be there for people to realize how important it is.”

‘What could go wrong did go wrong’: How does a Canadian junior hockey team recover from a winless season? — National Post (2017)

The Surrey Knights, losers of 66 games in a row, are Canada’s most wretched junior hockey team. But they’re feeling optimistic.

D.J. Kennington’s big break: Can a journeyman driver from small-town Ontario make history at the Daytona 500? — National Post (2017)

A Canadian minor-league lifer finally makes it to NASCAR’s Cup Series — and tries to double down.

From Indians to Redskins, fight to wipe Native caricatures from pro sports hinges on money, law and courage — National Post (2016)

Native Americans in Cleveland say their city’s MLB team degrades and demeans them. But what would it actually take for the team to change?

The city’s game — National Post (2016)

Scenes from Toronto’s love affair with basketball.

Canadian men’s sprint relay team will run in the shadow of a heartbreaking misstep — National Post (2016)

Jared Connaughton grapples with the ghost of London 2012.

Military veterans get another chance to represent their country at Parapan Am Games, ‘just in a different uniform’ — National Post (2015)

An American soldier’s road from Afghanistan to an international podium.

Quirky rule, ‘crazy finish’ and a gold medal to remember for Canadian men’s baseball team at Pan Am Games National Post (2015)

Rules that would make a purist retch wreak havoc in Ajax, Ont.

The 1915 Grey Cup was a marquee day in Canadian football historyNational Post (2015)

A story of war, controversy, revenge and carrier pigeons.

Queen’s University: The state of hockey — The Queen’s Journal (2014)

On the ice, the state of Queen’s Gaels hockey has never been better. Their arena situation has rarely looked worse.

Queen’s college colours we are wearing once againThe Queen’s Journal (2013)

What has Queen’s Homecoming football game meant to a century’s worth of players and fans — and what does it mean now?

Top photo: Queen’s University Archives
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